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Updates of the Various Kind

Thu Sep 28, 2017, 11:33 PM by KissTheManiac:iconkissthemaniac:
Since I've been doing my update process in a bunch of small fragmented and sometimes unintentionally vague status posts and polls, I decided to sit my butt down and take my time on a formal journal to address all the things on my platter.

Stardew Valley Growth Drive

So the Stardew Valley Growth Drive will follow the Growth Drive featuring Mandy and Company. As mentioned in previous polls, this will be a double elimination tournament style growth drive. This will also be the first drive where the donations will be specifically going towards something. I'm looking to use what I earn through both this drive and the rest of the Totally Spies: Mean Girls Edition drive to buy a Microsoft Surface Pro to have a way to work on my artwork outside of the house.

I've been frequently brainstorming on how to exactly make this drive work. I still haven't fully fleshed out all the details but here are the guarantees of how things will work:
  • Each dollar donated earns a point.
  • Donors will choose one girl from each match up in the round the points will go towards.
  • The girl with the greater point total wins the round and advances through the winners bracket.
  • The girl with the lower point total loses the round and gets dropped into losers bracket. Girls that lose rounds in losers bracket will be eliminated from the tournament.
  • As is custom for all the growth drives I've done so far, donations of a certain amount will earn a bonus that can be given to one girl. These however have no affect on point totals, so there is a likelihood that in later rounds the smaller girl ends up the winner.
  • Starting with the semi finals, each round will have 'milestones' to show the in-between growth points.

There are some details I'm still thinking over, mostly to prevent points where the drive could potentially getting stuck. One being how to get through the losers bracket. The basic run down would look like this:
  • Round 1: Quarter Finals
  • Round 2: Winners Semi Finals and Losers Quarter Finals
  • Round 3: Losers Semi Finals. Winners of Winners Semi Finals get a bye.
  • Round 4: Winners Finals and  Losers Semi Finals.
  • Round 5: Losers Finals. Winner of Winners Finals gets a bye.
  • Round 6: Grand Finals. Goes to round 7 if Winner of Losers Finals wins.

Girls that get byes automatically get points during the round (perks of being a winner), so that things don't end up uneven. During those rounds, donors can also still give bonuses to the girls with a bye.


Like I mentioned in the most recent poll, the Patreon will undergo a sort of 'reboot' and will focus more on more NSFW stuff. I think that the results of the poll were a product of me not fully explaining how things would be broken up. 
For per drawing it would only go up to $10 and allows access to everything and would look something along the lines of this:
  • $1 tier - Tip Jar. Access to the WIP blog.
  • $5 tier - Access to all alternates and NSFW stuff. Vote for next themes/girls.
  • $10 tier - Access to all alternates and NSFW stuff. Vote for next themes/girls, votes from this tier count as two votes. Monthly request.

For monthly the tiers would be broken down into what you can access and would look something like this:
  • $1 tier - Tip Jar. Access to WIP blog.
  • $5 tier - Access to alternates.
  • $10 tier - Access to alternates and NSFW stuff.
  • $20 tier - Access to alternates and NSFW stuff. Monthly request.

FMG Game

So from the poll, most people liked the idea of a multiple girl dating sim. So what I had planned with the idea was that it would be similar to Summertime Saga where there was a overarching main story and the game would have small side stories involving the various girls in the game. The game would also have different scenarios on how girls would grow, such as an epidemic, one or more girls getting hit with some kind of growth catalyst, the main character becoming the catalyst and causing girls he comes in contact with to grow, or even something as basic as one of the girls working out and getting bigger. Gameplay would consist of going through the main characters day to day life similar to Summertime Saga and interacting with different girls. 

How I envision the development of this playing out would be something similar to how Summertime Saga does its updates. I'll release a version 0.1 that isn't fully complete, but has a full growth scenario with one or two girls finished so the basic gameplay is there. Then each progressive update will have an additional scenario added to it.

Like I mentioned in the poll, this is a long ways out from me ever touching but I wanted to address it just so that people know what I have planned.


While I'm not quite yet at the downswing of my commissions I still want to address the future of commissions as a whole.
I might do another round of $20 commissions once I'm done with this round, heavy emphasis on 'might' as leaning more towards 'no' than I am 'yes.'

Moving forward I'll be getting them a little more organized and somewhat more formal. I'll be testing the waters with google forms to make things a little easier to track since half of my life is now on google drive. I'll also be posting up a visual guide to commissions, I've been seeing other artists do it and I don't know why I shouldn't either.

There was idea that I saw a few other artists utilize that I was thinking of picking up where I would offer a drawing that had a blank character posed out and musculature finished that anyone could purchase at a discounted rate from my normal commissions, and would be on a first-come-first-serve basis for purchase. The person purchasing can add clothes, face, background, and some misc if it can fit, but cannot change the proportions of pose of the character.

Coding by SimplySilent


Veronika Lodygina and Family
Just a 'me time' drawing of yet another story concept featuring Riverdale's raven-haired princess, this time of her and her parents as Russian spies.

Now I'm going to take the long route on explaining the whole concept of this and make my way to explaining exactly what's going on here.

I had some ideas for stories using some of Gribble's old stories from Diana the Valkyrie as frameworks and fitting in Veronica, Betty, and Cheryl as the three conflicting girls that compete with each other in battles of hugeness. This particular concept is based on 'Super Dense' and in the story Veronica and Betty are Russian spies trying to steal intel on a secret government formula. In this story Betty is Elizaveta Coposova and Veronica is Veronika Lodygina who were both born in the United States, but serve as spies for the Russian government. Veronika is a highly skilled assassin, having been taught by her parents who are Russia's top assassins. One idea I was tinkering with was that the Lodygin parents had assassinated the original Hiram Lodge and 'Hiram' assumed his identity and took control of Lodge industries. It's this crazy idea of the enemy not only hiding in plain sight, but also assuming powerful positions.

I'll most likely do a companion piece featuring Betty and her family as well as their backstories sometime down the line.
Welp, the photoshop file for latest part of the Stardew Valley growth drive got corrupted and delayed an already long overdue update further.

I knew I was due for some kind of rough patch.
A reattempt at the 100 image challenge. Rather than pick up from where I left of at the last one, I'm starting a whole new one. Going off of when I presented the idea last, I don't expect too many people to pick this idea up. But if someone wanted to take up the task of torturing themselves in this manner, I'll provide the rules to the challenge. They're slightly less strict than the original incarnation, but strict enough to keep it challenging.


1. You choose a character or group of characters you will use for all 100 images. Limit multiple characters to 10 and try to keep them thematically similar or in some kind of grouping that will be interesting across the 100 images. Once these characters are chosen, they are set in stone and cannot be changed.
2. The first 80 words are set in stone and cannot be changed. You must base each image on the word provided. The image can be as specific or as vague to the word as possible, as long as you can provide an explanation to how the image relates to that word.
3. 81 through 90 are specific challenges.
  • Artist Tribute: Choose an artist you like and replicate your character(s) in their style.
  • Genre Tribute: Choose an art genre and replicate your character(s) in that style.
  • Game Tribute: Choose a game you like and fit your character(s) into that game's universe. If your chosen character(s) are from a game, choose another game.
  • Film Tribute: Choose a film you like and fit your character(s) into that film's universe. If your chosen character(s) is from a film, choose another film.
  • Music Tribute: Choose a song, band or music genre you like and fit your character(s) so that they fit in thematically to the song/band/genre.
  • Reference: Choose an image you like and recreate the scene using your character(s).
  • Cameo: Choose a unique character outside of your chosen character(s) and have them interacting with your chosen character(s).
  • Process: Create an image displaying a transformation process. This can stretch beyond FMG and use height, breast, anthro, gender or a combination of multiple processes.
  • Experiment: Utilize a style or technique that is completely new to you. It needs to be something that is distinctly different visually from what you normally do.
  •  Revisit: Find an older piece with your character(s) and create an updated version. If you are using a new OC, you can use a piece with another character and replace them with your featured OC. If you are using an established character, you can use a piece another artist has done using the characters an give your own spin on it.

4. 91 through 100 are free for the artist to choose. All 10 must fit a theme and are stated before starting any of the 10.
5. If multiple characters are chosen, each character must be used at least once per row. Using more than one character in a single image counts towards the count for each character.

If anyone is interested in taking up the challenge for themselves, I can provide a PSD template so they can start their own challenge.


1/30/2018: Modified the table and added portraits of the three lovely ladies I'll be using throughout this challenge.
Archie-Fan's Goddesses
A slightly belated birthday gift to my bud/Archie addiction enabler :iconarchie-fan: of his two favorite Archie girls Betty Cooper and Cheryl Blossom.

So this was originally part of a piece I shelved a long time ago and meant to get back to it for a LONG time and Archie-Fan's birthday seemed like a good point to pick it back up at least partially. So to give a little backstory on it, this was based on his story 'Best Friends for Never'. To sum up the story, Betty makes a series of wishes where in the end she and her group of friends end up as all-powerful goddesses. The story was what inspired me to create Veronica and the Cube which in turn led into the downward spiral of Archie fan arts.

The reason I shelved it was because it was a pretty big chunk of work that I couldn't really commit to. To put the full scope of what I was intending with this, and hopefully will get around to in the not so distant future, this was half of one piece that was going to be part of a set of three pieces. So yes, 12 hyper-muscley Archie girls was (and still is) in the works.

Journal History

So in my times away from the computer when I have time to spare, I've been brainstorming ideas and storylines for a visual novel game. I'm going to name off some of the ideas and scenarios to see which ones stick the best with you guys. 

34 deviants said A more intimate story where the MC helps a girl grow through exercise. The idea has several branching ideas as to how the MC aids the girl in growing, such as finding a chemical or device to help the girl grow.
28 deviants said A town-wide epidemic where every female in the local area grows.
20 deviants said A villain-type girl uses some kind of device or magical artifact to maliciously drain men of their size and strength and give it to herself and possibly her friends.
16 deviants said A group of outcasts summon a demoness that grants them strength. A female friend of the MC gets caught in the cross-fire of the spell and becomes the unlikely heroine.
16 deviants said A lab accident where one or more girls go through a slow growth process. The story becomes about the victims slowly changing dynamic compared to their male counterparts.
13 deviants said An other-worldly being messes with the MC by causing girls to randomly grow in his presence, either temporarily or permanently.
7 deviants said After an argument, one of two girls gets pushed into a vat of toxic waste and grows huge.The girl who fell wants revenge, the other girl wants to get into the waste to grow herself, and the MC tries to keep the peace.
4 deviants said A lab accident where one or more girls instantly grows huge. The story becomes about how the dynamic between them and their male counterparts has instantly flipped on its head.


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